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Real Estate Appraisal Review


Barry Diskin, Ph.D., MAI, AI-GRS


What is an Appraisal Review?

The review process is, in effect, a new set of eyes on an appraisal.  A review appraiser comments on the completeness and accuracy of an appraisal report. Categories of review reports include technical, administrative, desk, field, or forensic. 


In some circumstances, the review report includes an alternate opinion of value.  In such cases, the review becomes an appraisal.


Litigation Support

With over 40 years of combined experience in real estate appraisal,  we have the expertise to provide litigation support for complicated valuation problems.  At Review Analytics, our backgrounds, insights, and skills help identify strengths and weaknesses often overlooked in appraisal reports.  Our focus includes rebuttal for eminent domain and property tax challenges.  Other complex assignments include utility easements, nuclear power plants, theme parks, and mobile home/RV parks.

Litigation Support

Uses and Users of Reviews

A review report can be useful in many circumstances. Reviews are frequently helpful when the consequences of an oversight or unsupportable value conclusion have the potential to cause significant economic loss. 


Our clients include lenders, major insurance firms, nationally known retailers, and government agencies at each level. The heart of our practice, however, is directed to attorneys whose cases involve condemnation, property tax challenges, income tax, contamination, and lease disputes.

 Scales of Justice
Uses and Users of Reviews


Barry A. Diskin, Ph.D., MAI, AI-GRS



Barry Diskin is among the principals in the firm.  From the fall of 1980 through the spring of 2015, Diskin was a professor in the College of Business at Florida State University.  He taught courses in real estate valuation to seniors at the undergraduate level as well as MBA students.  He received two university teaching awards during his academic career.  


Diskin received a Master's degree in finance and a Ph.D. in land economics from Georgia State University.  He is a state-certified general real estate appraiser in Florida and Georgia.  He also is a real estate broker in Florida.  Professional designations include the MAI and AI-GRS. Additionally, he is a member of the Real Estate Counseling Group of America (RECGA). 


Diskin has testified in over 40 Florida counties and in other states including Maine, Michigan, South Carolina, Arizona, and California.  He has appeared before committees of the Florida Legislature and on national television.

Dr. Diskin on Highest & Best Use

Professor Diskin has published several articles on various topics in such journals as Real Estate Issues, Assessment Journal, Journal of Property Valuation and Taxation, The Appraisal Journal, American Business Law Journal, National Tax Journal, Journal of Real Estate Research, CPCU Journal, Right of Way, Real Estate Appraiser and Analyst, Journal of Real Estate Appraisal and Economics, Assessment Digest, Real Estate Economics, and International Journal of Business Disciplines.



Attorney Specializing in
Eminent Domain
   Pipeline Easements
   High Voltage Transmission Line Easements

Property Tax 

Contamination Issues

Conservation Easements

Government Clients Include
Federal Agencies

State Government Departments


County Attorneys/Public Works

City Attorneys Across Florida

Corporate Clients Include


Telecommunications Firms


National Retailers


National/Regional Lenders


Regional/Local Power Companies

National/Regional Pipeline Companies


National Drug Store Firms


Large Land Holders


Major Food Production Firms


National Fastfood Firms

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